Save the Dates!

The CTIN 2016 Digital Forensics Conference will be held at the Washington State Criminal Justice Training Center in Burien, WA on Monday March 14 to Wednesday March 16, 2016. This is the same great venue as last year so save these dates for the best Digital Forensics Conference! This web site will be updated in the coming months as we finalize many of the details.

Conference Wrap Up

Another great conference this year with amazing speakers giving great presentations in a top notch venue! Thanks to everyone who participated, helped organize, and run the conference. Every year it keeps getting better and this year was the best yet! Mark your calendars for next year and see you then!

Conference Starts on Monday

Less than a dozen seats are available so there’s still time left to get great seats at one of the most affordable and highest quality training conferences available! Don’t snooze and register now!!!

Another great raffle prize has been added for a license of SQLite Forensic Toolkit by Sanderson Forensics. That puts us up to $4,724 worth of software one person could win. Not too shabby if someone is really lucky! Don’t lose out and you can only win if you are present so register now! We hope to see you at the conference starting this Monday!

Featured Speaker: David Matthews

David Matthews is the former Director of Incident Response for Expedia, Inc. He has facilitated three regional cyber event exercises. He is also the founder of the Cyber Incident Response Coalition and Analysis Sharing group. Besides the CISSP & CISM he is a Digital Recovery Forensics Specialist (DRFS), and CyberSecurity Forensic Analyst (CSFA). He is the author of “Electronically Stored Information: The Complete Guide to Management, Understanding, Acquisition, Storage, Search, and Retrieval”, published in the summer of 2012. David was the recipient of the 2012 Information Security Executive of the Decade – West award. He will be presenting "Latest Issues Surrounding eDiscovery" and "Level the CyberSecurity Playing Field".

Featured Speaker: Brett Shavers

Brett is a digital forensics examiner and author of two books (Placing the Suspect Behind the Keyboard and X-Ways Forensics Practitioner’s Guide). Brett’s forensic experience spans a law enforcement career in investigating cybercrime to the private sector as an expert consultant in civil litigation. Brett will be presenting "Hiding Behind The Keyboard". This discussion into the methods used in covert communications and techniques to uncover and analyze electronic communications will give you insight into different avenues of analysis and investigation of hidden communications.

Conference Seats Filling Up

SPACE IS LIMITED and there are only 14 seats left as of today. Register your seat NOW because remember, you snooze, you lose!

Featured Speaker: Colin Cree

Colin Cree is a Director of a Vancouver based company, EFS e-Forensic Services Inc., a computer forensic and e-discovery services provider that also provides training and sells related software and hardware. His background includes serving in the RCMP for 25 years including 8 years investigating commercial crime and 5 years in the Tech Crime unit. Colin will be presenting "Investigating USB Storage on Windows 8". His expertise includes commercial crime investigations, computer crime investigations and analysis, providing expert witness testimony and ensuring the highest teaching and professional practice standards are maintained throughout the courses and investigations for which he is responsible.

More Licenses for Conference Raffle

We have two more full licenses to add to our raffle:

1. Siquest Internet Examiner Tool Kit (IXTK) v5 with one year SMS which will by the Conference contain the new FaceDNA Biometric facial recognition feature. This new feature is the first for any forensic software that lets the investigator create their own database of faces and uses it to search through the hard drive through pictures, movies, and re-built web pages for these faces not just using hashes but biometrics which can identify partial, re-sized, sharpened or partially obscured faces. Very cool new technology. If you want to read more about it, see SiQuest Announces New FaceDNA feature for IXTK. This software is a $1,995 value.

2. One full license of GetData Forensic Explorer v 3 with Mount Image Pro v6 and 1 year SMS. Another great tool for the tool bag. Retail value $1,295.

So, for your $350 registration fee you now have the opportunity to win $4,404 worth of forensic software. How cool is that!

So more reasons to register. Do it now. Remember, you snooze, you lose.

Conference Space is Limited

SPACE IS LIMITED. Due to our venue, we have to cap the number of attendees to 100. While we still have seats left open, we have about 229 CTIN members so you do the math. If you have been waiting to see if you can take the time off, if you have been waiting to see if you will get funding approval from the boss (at this point I would say forget the boss and pay for it yourself), if you have been waiting to see if you have enough balance on your credit card to pay for it, or if you have just been putting off registering because you’ve been too busy, we would strongly recommend that you register NOW in order to be guaranteed a seat.

Licenses Raffled at Conference

We will be raffling two one-year licenses for X-Ways Forensics (a $517 value each) and three six-month licenses to MailXaminer (a $597 value each). Which means for your $350 registration fee you get three days of continuing education to show your boss or put on your resume, food, and the opportunity to win $1,114 worth of software. If this isn’t the greatest deal of a computer forensics conference on the planet that the CTIN Board has created for you, then we don’t know what is!